Baking Stone


he Fornetto Grilling / Baking Stone is made of all natural materials and is designed to easily withstand high oven temperatures in our Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smokers or traditional gas and electric ovens. The glazed surface and even heat distribution deliver crispy, perfectly-baked dishes.

You can cut directly on your Fornetto Grilling / Baking Stone without damaging or scratching the surface. With integrataed handles, making the stone easy to lift from your oven to your table, the Fornetto Grilling / Baking Stoneis makes a perfect serving platter. You can even use the cold stone to serve cheese.

All Fornetto ovenware are designed for use in our Wood Fired Oven & Smokers, as well as traditional gas and electric ovens and are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Length:360mm /14.17″
Width:230mm /9.05″


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