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The Kamado Joe BigJoe Heat Deflector adds great flexibility to your Kamado Joe grill. It allows you to bake, roast and smoke with indirect heat. The BigJoe Heat Deflector circulates the heat around your food to cook it slowly, which keeps it incredibly moist and tender. The split design also allows you to cook with direct and indirect heat simultaneously. The BigJoe Heat Deflector frame can also be used by itself to raise the cooking grate to reduce the charring of tender foods like seafood and vegetables.

Cooking Configurations

Bottom Position
This is the most popular configuration for cooking food like ribs, Boston butts, briskets and poultry at very low temperatures. This configuration allows you to place a drip pan up to 3″ deep between the ceramic plate and cooking grate.
Top Position
This is the best configuration for baking food like pizza (Pizza Stone required), bread and casseroles. Use the ceramic plate in the top position to allow more heat to circulate around your food. This configuration does not allow a drip pan to be used.
Split Position
This is the best configuration for grilling meat directly, while cooking tender foods like vegetables and seafood at the same time. Use one or both plates on the top or bottom positions on one side of the frame.
Frame Only
Use the BigJoe Heat Deflector frame only to elevate your cooking grate for grilling food like seafood and vegetables. The benefit of this configuration is that it reduces the direct heat on your food. It is also good to create “hot” and “warm” zones in your grill to prevent your food from charring. Just set up your charcoal to one side of the fire box and place your food on the opposite side of your grill.


The ceramic plates will darken over time and this is normal. Cleaning solutions should not be used, because they will be absorbed into the plate. If you have drippings that have charred, simply brush off as much as possible with a wire BBQ brush and store in a dry place. To clean off any residual food, simply flip the ceramic plate “food side down” the next time you cook. The heat from the charcoal will burn it off.


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