Hardwood Charcoal


Fornetto Charcoal is 100% all natural Quebracho Hardwood from Paraguay. It is a high temperature restaurant, quality charcoal that delivers perfect results. Fornetto Charcoal lump size is 40mm / 1.57″ to 150mm / 5.9″, double the industry standard.

This coupled with extra high fixed carbon of 75+% translates to long 3+ hour burn time. It is guaranteed to have no additives or binders so it burns cleaner and without sparking or popping. We care about the environment and only work with ranches registered and approved by both SEAM and INFONA. This ensures our charcoal is both certified and meets or exceeds all conservation laws.

Furthermore, we ensure 100% of the wood used in the charcoal making process is a by-product of industry, which ensures no trees were felled for the specific purpose of making charcoal.



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