Large Pizza / Baking Stone


Designed to work perfectly in our Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smokers, the Fornetto Pizza Stones can be used on the oven floor or the wire racks. With its porous Cordastone® surface, the Fornetto Pizza Stone draws moisture away from the dough during the cooking for perfect crispier crusts.

Specially manufactured for even heat distribution across the entire surface, the Fornetto Pizza Stone maintains an even baking temperature. To get started, simply preheat the stone in your Fornetto Oven at 230°C /450° F for 15 minutes.

Like all Fornetto ovenware, the Fornetto Pizza Stone is designed for use in our Wood Fired Oven & Smokers, as well as traditional gas and electric ovens.

• Scrape off any excess food with a spatula.

• When the stones have cooled, run them under hot water while scrubbing with
a brush

• Do not use soap on the stones as it may leave a soapy after taste.

• The natural properties of the baking stones will cause them to darken and
spot with age – do not attempt to remove this discoloration.

• Air-dry the stones.

340mm/ 13.38″ Ceramic pizza stone.


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