Passat Novo Ceramic Wood Burning Stove

All of our stoves come CE approved, DIN Plus & EN 13240 regulations with a 5 years manufacturing warranty.

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The Passat Ceramic can be fitted into the corner of your room or
against a flat wall by choosing which style of side plinth you would like.
Likewise the Passat can be fitted without any plinths if that is your choice.
With its ceramic top, sides and front lower section the heat is gently radiated
to assist the convection heating due to its double skined fabrication.

Large Viewing window and burning chamber allow you to enjoy the flames whilst in the comfort of your home,
while the efficient airwash system will keep your glass clean throughout.

The lower log storage area is a heavy gauge steel painted in a durable heat resistant paint.
Soapstone version available.

Stove Size :                       
Height: 1141 mm
Width: 726 mm
Depth: 614 mm

Weight: 260 kg

Size of Firebox:
Height: 506 mm
Width: 422 mm
Depth: 319 mm

Front Viewing Glass Size :
Height: 455 mm
Width: 417 mm

Nominal heat output: 8 KW

Top and Rear Flue Connection

Flue outlet Size: (150mm/6″)

Height of the lower edge of rear flue outlet: 891 mm

Safety distance from combustible materials:
Side: 30 cm
Rear: 20 cm
Front: 100 cm

    Price: £ 3,056.20
(Including Vat & Delivery to UK Mainland)

Fully adjustable air controls
8 KW Nominal Output
Top flue outlet
Vermiculite fire brick lined burning chamber for added efficiency
Excellent Air wash system for a long term clean glass
Black/Charcoal in Colour
Flue pipe available in colour or Black
Tidy log storage compartment
Equipped with ash drawer and grate
Fireplace Stove Glove included

Large tidy log storage area with a good sized viewing glass helps you to view the glowing flames.
Most of our stoves have top or rear flue connection possible so can be installed almost anywhere.
Double skinned to produce convection heating as well as radiating its warmth.
Tertiary air system to provide a clean burning stove producing low emissions and higher efficiency of up to 80%

Fireplace have been manufacturing high quality stoves for over 20 years and now we exclusively bring these to you.


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