Serenity 40 Log Store and Full Glass Window 4.5 KW Stoves

escape with natures own pleasurable heat


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The Serenity 40 is available with a log store and full glass window option to give a stunning stove for either a free standing open plan setting or installed into a fireplace.  Incorporating the same firebox technology that is built-in across the range, these stoves continue to give a lovely flame pattern and a warm radiant and convection heat.

The Serenity 40LS log store option offers a handy storage area for a quantity of stoves to be stored whilst the Serenity 40FW has a full glass window with a store for logs behind the door.

High efficiency, complete controllability and stunning design ensures that these stoves will look great and offer a lovely centre piece in any room setting.


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New UK Serenity freestanding and
Inset range brochure (590KB)


Technical data

Nominal output 4.5kW
Range rating 4-5KW
Flue outlet diameter Ø125 mm top
Heating area 10-100 m2
Weight 75-80 kg
Distance to flammable materials   
behind 30cm, at side 40cm
to furniture 90cm
Width of wood chamber 35cm
Max log length 30cm
Dimension in mm 437 x 380 x 706 mm (HxWxD)
Distance of centre of top flue outlet to rear edge of stove 123mm
Colour options Satin Black
Efficiency when burning wood 80% (net)
Efficiency when burning solid fuel (approved smokeless fuel such as Ancit or brown coal) 83.5% (net)
Can be installed on a 12mm hearth
CE mark, EN13240,  application to Defra to be made


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