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The Westfire Uniq 27 With Soapstone, the Uniq 27 is already a tried and tested stoves a huge glass area and easy operation being a huge part of its appeal but now with a soapstone top you can store the heat even after the fire has gone out.

Soapstone heat stores have been used for years to both smooth out heat delivery and let your fire run more efficiently while giving you longer lasting heat.

Westfire stoves are highly efficient clean burn stoves, their three way air supply system ensures the most complete combustion and clearest viewing window possible, and they do all this while incorporating teh best of Danish design.

Westfire Uniq 27 Soapstone Tech Data
Maximum Log Length300mm
Height to center of rear outlet895mm
Distance from rear to center of top outlet192mm
Distance to Combustibles Rear100mm
Distance to combustibles sides300mm
Height to centre of Closed combustion Intake110mm
DEFRA approved?Yes



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